Easing ideas

Fluid design

We opted for the creation of a fluid and clean, but fun, design, using new tendencies, like subtle shadows and motion, from the material design principles, associated with technics from the currently most used design model in web, the flat design. Hence, we created a more young and colored design, reflecting the spirit that the institution wants to instigate in their students. Besides, a great part of design choices are dynamic. So, text colors, background images, and others ,are dynamically selected, giving freedom to the administrators to innovate, following the institution’s own changes in time.

Content Managment System

Grêmio is one of the oldest institutions inside Escola Politécnica da USP. With more than 110 years of history and a lot being made, there was no other possible solution for them than the creation of a CMS (Content Managment System), in other words, the manipulation of almost any content on every page. This allows Grêmio, until today, to constantly add new relevant information for their students, as well as the disclosure of a series of institutional events, quickly, through an administrator interface, without the need to hire a third party company or someone to update the page, keeping it always updated by themselves.

Automagic event system

One of the key aspects of the institution are their events (academic and non academic) along the year. To provide freedom to the content managers we created a solid and scalable architecture for the event management, with abilities such as: dynamic subscribers relocation, priority change on events, statistical analysis of data, subscribers listing, data exportation, vacancy limitation, paid events, emergencial subscriptions, and so on. Therefore, Grêmio will always be prepared to give the best support possible to students in all of their events.

Social network integration

To attract the general public and ease the process of registration on the plataform, we added to the system the hability to bond with other social accounts such as Facebook and Google Accounts, easing the process of login and reducing the number of passwords users need to remaind.