Easing ideas


Like every modern application (with Timamoco could not be different) the design choice was based on tradition, but always taking in consideration the multiple types of customers that access the plataform everyday. To ease the life of this multiple types of customers, the design flows continuously on various size of screens, increasing the range of devices that can access the page and still have a good experience with it. To ensure a nice performance on smartphones, a series of performance metrics - such as latency, server time, dom processing time, among others - are generated, allowing ponctual adjusts on the application, solidifying it.

Online data plataform

For Timamoco, we crafted a complete solution of customer and data management, responsible for the organization of this data in multiple ways, depending on the Timamoco’s customer. Clients have an extensive control on the plataform too, being able to provide access to their associates allowing them to visualize the same data set the customer is able to see. In addition, there are filtering, sorting and inteligent search functionalities, as well as defining fields to be hidden, controlled by the administrator each user in the system, allowing a granular and personalized control of the activities and data visualized on the plataform.

Real time bug tracking

To ensure the maximum performance of the application and a low rate of failures, as well as identifying possible invasions, we added a real time error notification module. Therefore, we have constant access to all application movements, allowing us to identify, in case of failure, the cause of the error and provide a quick fix, or still analyse the potencial risks inside the application and erase them. We use this collected data to calculate internal metrics to find new and better ways to optimize the application at its fullest, reducing cost in maintenance and always keeping a great uptime and quality service for Timamoco customers.