Easing ideas

Continuous Integration

In this project, it was crucial the studying of the users behaviour, as well as the quick adjustment of the system. Therefore, the use of continuous integration tools, that ZRP uses in all projects, was fundamental. They enable rapid delivery of platform enhancements without the need for downtime.

Split Payment

One of the great challenges of BeFine was to position itself as an intermediary, working only with the indication of health professionals. For this, ZRP developed a payment method in the platform that follows the model of 'split payment', in partnership with Stripe. Using that, BeFine's customer paid for the service using the platform and, in a transparent way, BeFine already divided the payment between a professional account and its account (guaranteeing the direct payment of the customer to the professional).

Startup development

BeFine was born in 2016 and, from the beginning, ZRP was its technological arm. In the stage of idealization of the business model, it was very important the agility to adjust the scope of functionalities. Being a marketplace, the platform required strong requirements for reliability and portability, serving users of different ages and regions all over Brazil.