Easing ideas

Startup partner

Contractize is an American startup (from Orlando) that presented us with a great challenge: time.
A robust solution was a project goal, crafted to support large peak of consuming, and therefore, scalable, without forgetting the malleability, in order to be able to easily configure AB tests through an administrative panel. After all, every second in the early steps of the company matters.
Applying rigorous development processes, we were able to quickly define business logic, implement a complete cloud API and exceed expectations regarding the term and capacity of the product, leveraging the level of product and its entry in the market.

Security first

The core business of the company: Validate the integrity of legal documents. To ensure the safety of such a critical business model, our development was concerned with data security and auditing all the time.
All files and contracts are encrypted and were submitted through strict rules of access and authorship, ensuring the protection of the system against intrusions and falsifications.
For the users, all interactions are made transparently, however the backend was implemented using complex security algorithms such as AES-256, the most advanced encryption algorithm in the world, ensuring the integrity of each document and the veracity of the iterations.