Easing ideas

Dynamic events

With the increasing volume of users, it was necessary to provide an automatic solution to common tasks of an eventas users subscribe and unsubscribe on the event, notifications of open and close vacancies, waiting lists, QR CODE generation to internal control and users check-in through the plataform, controlled by the event managers.

Designed with love

The main goal of the design was to keep a clean an nice look in a wide range of devices, allowing users to easy access all functions with agility, thus improving vacancie requests, increasing the amount of enrolled users in the year.

Real time data analysis

Along the years, with the constant growth of enrolls, it was necessary to make a fast and precise analysis of the data to fully understand the profile of the event’s attendants. Therefore, we provided a real time solution that allowed event managers to monitore the data and export it to other formats, like PDF and XLSX, allowing seamlessly handling or printing of event data.