Easing ideas

Decision support

A decision support system (DSS) is a type of information system that helps managers take the right path every day. This type of software is applicable to dynamic problems of high uncertainty.
The web system developed for Unidas, the second largest store in Brazil, is used by the managers of one of the most important business areas of the company. It allows the intuitive analysis of information generated from the storage and handling of a large amount of data, generating a significant gain in the effectiveness of decision making.

Continuous improvement

The partnership between ZRP and Unidas began in August 2016 and is still standing. After delivering the initial scope of functionalities, several others have already been developed, in order to adjust the platform to the constant changes in the market and the needs of the business area. The work after the first delivery is crucial to grow the developed systems in utility and performance.

Big data

When dealing with a large amount of data, it is important to pay attention to ensure speed, volume, variety, veracity and value. The application we develop ais able to read, store and process tens of thousands of data in just a few minutes. Also developed were functionalities that allow to control the veracity of the data present in the platform, guaranteeing the reliability of the available information.