Easing ideas

Agile Development

Agile development methodologies allow the frequent delivery of functional software. The collaboration between ZRP and Yandeh during all development cycles was instrumental in gradually adjusting the scope of the project. Thus, it was possible to always walk towards the established product vision, delivering to the user the maximum value.

Business Inteligence

One of the most important steps of the project was the integration between the developed system and Yandeh’s intelligence system. The latter allows the handling of a large volume of transactions for the extraction of important metrics for business analysis. Again, collaboration between the teams of the two companies was critical to the success of the project.

Mobile app

The application developed in August 2017 is aimed at consumers of fast food restaurants. The tool allows you to place the order for home delivery or store pickup (immediate or scheduled). Thus, the consumer no longer needs to queue or be near the store to place their order. It is possible to go through the entire purchase process through the smartphone, until the moment the order is ready. At this time, a notification is sent for the user to go to the pickup store.